Simple, visual and intuitive.

Maintenance managers

a powerful and useful tool to visualize and keep the incidents and pending orders’ dashboard updated.

Requests and incidents

Incidents and maintenance requests to be made

Work orders

Create, plan and update your team’s tasks.


Scheduled actions

Identify recurring or future tasks in advance.



Manage the availability of your resources and staff.


Inventory management

Resources and tools, associated with their availability and costs.

Workers’ App

Task planning, reminders ... everything happens in the worker's pocket without their intervention.

Working plan

Each worker has a personalized communication platform with their own pending tasks.



Description of the tasks with images, locations, and documentation.

Working time distribution

Dedication made by the worker to perform each task. 

Workers and foreman chat

Complete coordination of team members and immediate communication of difficulties.

Equipment and tools’ details

Complete list of necessary tools, as well as their location and instructions of use.

Customers and Users’ App

 Keep in touch with your customers, workers, and users to know when they have a problem. Reduce uncertainty by informing customers and users about the status of their requests and reported incidents

Requests and incidents

The client generates immediate reports of incidents through text and images.

Incident status

Real-time information about the status and resolution of the incident.

Customers’ chat

Chat support that speeds up processes and deepens in the knowledge of the incident.


Start getting access to relevant data of everything that happens in your maintenance service.


Generate automatic reports of requests, incidents, work orders, operators, resources and other assets.