First steps with qiip

Start managing your maintenance service in 8 easy steps

1. Access control panel

Control panel is a web portal from where it is possible to manage everything related to your maintenance service. Here you have the access link:


If you do not remember your password, click on the link below.

2. Create the first users

From User domain, you will be able to create or invite the users that will report incidences and the workers that will execute tasks.


The option Create User allows you to introduce user data, including their password.


Select an appropriate Role and create, at least, one user with User role and one user with Worker role.

3. Download the App

The App is the input channel for a User to report an incidence or a request. It is also a tool for Workers to get a planning of pending tasks.

You can download it from the links bellow:


4. Create a request

Login into your App with a User profile and you will be able to create a new request.


You only need to introduce a title. Adding the address, including images or multimedia files, among others, is optional.


You will constantly know the status of the request due to the notifications sent by the system and to the associated Chat to each request.

5. Turn the request into a work order

From the Request section in the control panel, you will be able to see the details of the request, update its status as Accepted and turn it into a work order.


From that moment, you can access from Work Order section and manage all the necessary information.


You will be able to discuss every issue with the user that created the request from the own work order Chat.

6. Assign a task to a worker

Each work order has by default at least one task. By accessing to this task, we will be able to assign it a Worker in charge of carrying it out.


You will be able to discuss every issue with the assigned worker from the own task Chat. The managed information during the task is not shared with the user that creates the request.

7. Update the status of the task from the App

You will be able to manage your assigned task, by accessing the App with a Worker profile.


Update the task with the information you consider, exchange messages with your manager through the Chat and, finally, change the status as Finished to complete the task.

8. Relax and enjoy

Now you basically know qiip functioning, you’ve only got to relax and let it all flow in a more and more automatized way.


Little by little, you will discover the most advanced aspects such as the asset management, the localization grouping or the creation of scheduled work orders for periodical maintenance.


Do not forget that you can always count on us at the support Chat or send us your inquiry to: